Five Ways the NRC’s Office of Public Affairs Communicates with Stakeholders

Office of Public Affairs

This interactive presentation allows viewers to discover and learn at their own pace about the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) and its role in communicating with stakeholders. The five areas of focus include the following:
  1. Transparency: media relations, news releases, and reiterating news through social media channels, as well as providing a first-hand account by public affairs officers (PAO) on how they respond to reporters
  2. Information and Education: OPA’s role in public meetings, and developing brochures and backgrounders, social media, and web content, as well as providing a first-hand PAO account on preparing staff for meetings, with an emphasis on plain language
  3. Social Media: using infographics to present platform statistics, as well as providing a first-hand PAO account on social media strategies and practice
  4. Crisis Communication: pretaped public service announcements, emergency event and rumor control Web pages, and using social media in an emergency, as well as providing a firsthand PAO account on crisis communication during events and exercises
  5. Who We Are: office organization chart and first-hand accounts from PAOs in the regions and headquarters.
In addition, offer access to the NRC virtual brochure rack, with links to general public documents, including the Information Digest and its supplemental resources.

Exhibitor: Public Affairs Office, 301-415-8200, OPA,

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