Significant Regulatory Activities in the Licensing and Oversight of NPUF

Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

This digital exhibit will highlight significant regulatory activities in the licensing and oversight of non-power production or utilization facilities (NPUFs). This digital exhibit will provide highlights of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) event, in which the NIST test reactor shut down automatically in response to a higher-than-normal radiation level in the air leaving the reactor building, along with the inspection and licensing activities that informed the restart authorization decision. The exhibit will also provide the latest information on the construction and licensing of the SHINE Medical Technologies, LLC, and Kairos Power facilities. Visuals will include pictures from the melted NIST fuel and the as-found core following the event, as well as the timeline of activities leading to the restart. Visuals of the review status and completed activities will be used. The exhibit will include useful references and contact information.

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