High-Energy Arcing Faults Involving Aluminum: A Path to Resolution

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

In 2016, confirmatory testing by the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research observed larger-than-expected damage states from high-energy arcing faults involving aluminum components. Since then, the NRC has been working with industry partners, international counterparts, and other stakeholders to understand the extent of the hazard, characterize the ubiquity and configuration of aluminum in the U.S. nuclear fleet, and formulate tools and methods for probabilistic risk assessment. This panel discussion will focus on the progress that the joint NRC

Electric Power Research Institute working group has made to date and the technical and regulatory paths to the issue’s ultimate disposition. The discussion will also feature industry and international perspectives on the resolution of high-energy arcing faults involving aluminum.

Exhibitor: Kenneth Hamburger, Fire Protection Engineer, RES/NRC, 301-415-2022, Kenneth.Hamburger@nrc.gov

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