NRC Preparedness for Review of AMTs

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

This digital exhibit will showcase the NRC’s technical and regulatory readiness for the use of advanced manufacturing technologies (AMTs) by the nuclear industry. A summary will be provided on the development of technical information, knowledge, and tools that will be used to prepare the staff to review AMTs. The digital exhibit will also discuss highlights from the NRC’s Workshop on AMTs for Nuclear Applications (December 2020) that will (1) discuss ongoing activities related to AMTs, including nuclear industry implementation plans, codes and standards activities, research findings, and regulatory approaches in other industries, (2) inform the public of the NRC’s activities and approach to approving the use of AMTs, (3) determine, with input from nuclear industry stakeholders and other technical organizations, areas where the NRC should focus to ensure the safe implementation of AMTs. 

Exhibitor:  Mark Yoo, Materials Engineer, RES/NRC, 301-415-8583, 

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