Licensing Modernization Project for Operating Reactors

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

This digital exhibit will highlight the ongoing research effort to use the Licensing Modernization Project methodology described in SECY-19-0117 (and elaborated in Regulatory Guide 1.233 and Nuclear Energy Institute 18-04) applying the NRC’s Level 3 probabilistic risk assessment model results. This exhibit will communicate key insights on parts of the licensing basis for reactors licensed under Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Part 50. The insights can provide the safety case for operating plants and could include a list of the risk-important plant events; potential risk ranking of structures, systems, and components; and a risk-informed, defense-in-depth evaluation of the plant. Furthermore, this exhibit could be used to highlight potential portions of 10 CFR Part 50 that are candidates for risk-informed considerations. 

Exhibitor: Matthew Humberstone, Senior Reliability and Risk Analyst, RES/NRC, 301-415-1464,

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