Cyber and Physical Security During Decommissioning

Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response

During the last decade, several U.S. commercial reactors were shut down prior to the expiration of their operating licenses which caused them to enter the decommissioning process for their facilities. The NRC’s regulatory framework for security is designed for operating power reactors, which has historically not taken into account the different levels of decommissioning and protections necessary for a facility that has ceased operations and defueled. To address this configuration, the NRC is completing a rulemaking to adopt a graded approach for regulating security for facilities that transition to decommissioning commensurate with the reduction of radiological risk for these types of facilities.

This exhibit will discuss the graded approach for cyber, fitness for duty, and physical security at commercial reactors that transition from operation to decommissioning, including the dry storage of spent fuel.

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